Todd Bio Portrait Drinking Coffee

I first picked up a camera at the age of twelve and was instantly fascinated by how one could seemingly freeze a slice in time, transforming it to film or print for eternity. New York – the city that never sleeps provided me with unending fodder for my childhood curiosity, quickly revealing my passion and professional calling.

Since then, I have traveled and lived in some of the most dynamic cities around the world from the desert metropolis that is Manama in Bahrain, the enchanting beaches of Hawaii and the unassuming industrial town of Yokosuka-shi (Kanagawa prefecture) in Japan.

Throughout my journeys, I was enthralled by the landscapes, architecture, cuisine and cultures that collectively distinguished each experience from the next. I continue to be particularly inspired by the contrast between the urbane and natural, and its resulting effects on people and their lifestyles.

13 years ago, my journey brought me to Singapore where I fell in love with this city and decided to stay. I am energized daily by the evolving cuisine, city skyline and pop culture here that contrast with colonial buildings, rich heritage and lush greenery.

My experiences have fueled my passion for photography, growing my love for details and subtleties that define a subject and make it exceptional; from the colors and textures of a dish, a meandering arc of a stairway or the twinkle in someone’s eye.

As a specialist in culinary, interior and lifestyle photography, notable clients I have shot for include Odette, Singapore Tourism Board, Marina Bay Sands and Singtel. I am available for assignments both locally and abroad and relish every opportunity to create and express the beauty of the world we live in through poignant and memorable imagery.

I look forward to connecting with you!