Most of my flying adventures around Singapore have been contained to a very small area where flying without a permit is allowed for those who aren't doing this for commercial reasons. Seeing as I still need to get in some flying practice and improve upon what I already know, taking aerial shots of the same area multiple times forces us to get creative on how we see things. Sometimes we get complacent and think it's not worth it because it's been shot a thousand times over but learning to think outside the box and try something new returns some pretty awesome results. These few images below are case in point. Same field, different days, different times and pretty much the same subject. It's all about finding new perspectives in the same two spots around the Marina South area.

Earth tapestry
Aerial shot of different patterns of the ground below
Seen from above, aerial shots of a seemingly normal field takes on a whole new perspective
An aerial shot of a water filled field reflecting the blue of the sky
An aerial shot of a grove of newly planted trees in a field in Singapore
A pier jutting out into the sea. Marina South. Singapore
Aerial shot of rocks lining the shore
An aerial shot of a roundabout next to the sea
An aerial shot of a cruise ship in port. Singapore

I love nothing more than to capture images of the sea and while Singapore doesn't have any waves to speak of, resulting in water that looks pretty flat, the colours of aquamarine blues are beautiful when shot from the air. For a moment, one can *almost* imagine that they are in the Maldives. With most of the coastline in restricted airspace, getting that shot of our beaches on a bright and sunny day is a challenge. And since drone restrictions are becoming commonplace in many countries, with some even banning drones outright (India being one country), the freedom to fly the skies and capture images of our beautiful planet is fast becoming smaller and smaller.

Singapore certainly does have many beautiful spots, many of which we would never be privileged to see if it wasn't for drones. Here are a few more of my favourite taken by the sea.

An aerial view of Sentosa Cove, an exclusive private enclave off of  Singapore
An aerial view of Sentosa Cove, an exclusive private enclave off of  Singapore
An aerial view of a lone paddle boarder next to an empty beach. Singapore
An aerial view of two women relaxing on the beach. Singapore
An aerial view of an empty beach during the late afternoon. Singapore
Three boats at anchor off the coast of Singapore
An aerial shot of rows of new cars sitting at a port in Singapore with one red coloured car amongst all the white cars

What are some of your favourite areas to shoot in Singapore? Despite the restrictions, we are seeing some really amazing work by local and foreign photographers. Check out and follow some of these guys on Instagram for more aerial inspiration:









Lastly, I thought I would leave you with this really cool infographic that I found. It shows us the history of drones, from the very first known use of a drone to where we are today. Infographic courtesy of Visual Capitalist.


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